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California Weapon permits for security-guards

Some information about weapons permits:

There are several weapons certificates available in California for security guards. Most of these permits require that you have and maintain a valid guard-card. All weapon's permits that you possess must be carried on you when you exercise the permit while working.

Permits for batons, firearms, and tear-gas must be obtained through a training facility approved by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). An employer cannot issue a weapons permit of any kind unless they are licensed to do so by the State.

A State approved training facility such as Advanced Security Institute (ASI) administers courses for permits under a specific license with the BSIS. Some permits the facility, such as ASI, can issue directly after successful completion of a course such as for tear-gas. Other permits are issued by the BSIS directly and take time after the completion of the course to be processed and arrive in the mail.

The permits that you obtain belong to you. Like a guard-card they are not specific to an employer or site. As long as you do what is required to maintain them and stay out of trouble and not misuse them they cannot be taken away. However, no matter what permits you hold an employer has complete control over which permit you may exercise while working a given site.

Some companies won't allow employees to carry any kind weapon at all unless specified for a site. Other companies will allow any permit an employee holds, save for a firearm, to be exercised at most or all of their sites. Make sure a company that you go to work for is clear with you on which permits you can exercise. Also, unless you are hired for or assigned to a client that requires armed guards you may not get a greater pay rate by simply just having and exercising a given permit.

There are of course a number of fees involved with each permit. The good news is that they, together with the course fess are not too expensive. Moreover, the renewal fees and any associated training fees are always much less than what it took to obtain the permit. For example, the most expensive permit to get and maintain would have to be the permit to carry a firearm. With the course fees, Sate fees, range fees and cost for ammo obtaining a firearms permit can cost several hundred dollars to first obtain. Yet, the maintenance even with the two required annual range qualifications can be done for less than $150.00 per year.