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Profile Statistics UPDATED!
03 Aug 2009 

***The "My Statistics" page feature is functional but it is still not complete with older course information. Some courses you completed in the past may not display yet.***

The display error issue will soon be resolved. There will be a new feature added that will allow you to look up the courses you have completed with your username. This feature should be ready by the end of this next week.

The display error issue,in some user accounts, only prevents some course information from displaying properly in some student profiles. All student course information IS being stored to the database. 

Should your profile show that you have yet to complete a course that you passed already, and have a certificate for, this would be part of the display error. Please don't be concerned as a statistic displayed in your account for a given course is not a vital part of your training r ...

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Course Certificates
07 Jan 2009 
  Work has now been completed concerning course certificates! In addition to being presented to you right away, as you pass the courses, certificates are automatically sent to you by email when a course is successfully completed. Please BE SURE that your email address is correct in your profile.

New courses coming!
03 Sep 2009 

A stage 4 has been added with additional courses related to the Ca guard card. The stage 4 courses will provide fresh courses for persons renewing their guard card as well as elective courses for persons obtaining their guard card. The first course that is now available for stage 4 is titled "Introduction to Executive Protection" it is a four (4) course. The next course that will be added to Stage 4 in a few weeks is titled "Crowd Control" and it is a four (4) course as well.

You will need to be sure to pay attention to each course description. Do not substitute a stage 4 course for a mandatory course found in a prior stage if you are completing your training hours for the first time.

Testimonial submission form
24 Sep 2010 
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