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Our students contact us everyday with comments they have, advices, and also questions. Your feedback is very important to us to improve our course. Thank you! If you want to add your testimonial, please contact us.

Romana S., Yucca Valley
I would like to encourage all the recipients to take the courses that are mandated by the state, and to stay current with state regulations, top security is the best and least expensive of all the websites and the most helpful,if you have any questions they will have all the answers for you. I would recommend them to any other students seeking learning courses.

James G., Sacramento
I was very impressed with Top Securityís online coursework. It wasnít just going through the motions; I can honestly say it was really an educational experience. More than just getting your certificates, you will really learn what you need to know to be prepared when you start working. Itís obvious they want you to learn, because they give you several practice quizzes along the way to check and see if youíve learned what you need to know. They expect you to pay attention to the material and to get 100% even on the quizzes. This shows that they care about you and that you get a good education. By the time you reach the final exam, you are well prepared to show your knowledge and pass the test. On a side note, this company knows how to treat their customers with respect. Twice Iíve had to call the owner with a question, and the call was returned quickly, and my questions were gladly answered and he took the time to explain things to me that I needed to know. The whole experience was good, and best of all I feel confident that I've learned a lot.

Saqib Arshad, Lodi
This online wbsite is great and much quicker to get your work done instead of driving some where far.

William Campbell, Placerville, CA
I've experienced nothing but the best from Top Security
Agency. All the lessons and materials were presented in a clear and concise
manner, and best of all they kept your attention. I'm happy to say that these
courses -THE- Best to be had on the internet, and I recommend it to anyone
that's either looking to get into the Security business, or is already a part.

Robert M, Orange, CA
This is the best Guard Card online training I've ever found,
and I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a Guard Card.

Stanley L., Napa, CA
Great trainind aid. I was able to obtain my guard card without leaving my house. Everything you need is on this site.

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