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Observation skills exercise main page.


These exercises will test and improve your observation skills. You will be shown an image when you click to start this exercise link below or choose a random starting image from the left menu.

Each image will be shown for eight (8) seconds with a blue progress bar below it for the time elapsed. At the end of that time you will be automatically directed to a simple text-box.

In the text area write as many details of the picture as you can (500 characters max) then click submit. You will then see the image again along with your response. Please note that while there are no graphic or shocking images in this feature some images may dramatize crime scenes.

The actual details you can observe and note from each image are not as important from one to another, all details are equally important. The idea is that in only a few seconds of looking at something you can make quick mental notes and report them.

Please note this feature only functions with IE at this time.

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