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Some reasons why a business hires security service.

Buying security service is a lot like buying a forklift. You either need a forklift, or you don't need a forklift. Sure it would be nice to have a forklift around the house, to lift and move the heavy items in your life;yet, you can get by lifting the groceries yourself so to speak. It would be nice if we could all have our own twenty-four hour bodyguard service. However for the most part, like a forklift, that would be an overkill. Unless you have money to burn or a real necessity for such service.

Business purchase security service for some obvious reasons. The main reason is of course to protect their property. Persons involved the security industry outnumber persons involved in Law enforcement by nearly three to one. It is simply too costly, and unnecessary in some applications, to have a Sworn Peace Officer fill all the security needs of the private sector. A Police Officer, with tens of thousands of dollars in training and full legal authority, would be a waste of valuable resources guarding a construction site for eight hours each day.

Some business are compelled to hire private security by their insurance providers,or as a condition of some local permit or in some rare cases by law. For some business the purchase of security service is part of their business plan as a given expense. Just like any other recurring expense for a business, security service is an "overhead" by definition. However, security service is an investment in a business. This is more so true depending on the type business. Top Security Agency desires to be thought of as a necessary investment for your business and not just another overhead.