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The Korean Martial art of Hapkido

Some information about Hapkido training for employees:

All Top Security Agency employees are given training in the Korean Martial-art of Hapkido. This martial-art is well suited for Security or Law enforcement work. It is founded upon joint locks and manipulations, grab escapes and take downs. There are numerous techniques, or degrees of thereof, that enable someone to be controlled with little or no harm to them. Hapkido can be studied effectively by both young and old and many physical conditions and ages in between.

Once hired you will be required to attend a handful of classes as part of your initial training and orientation. You may then continue at your own pace to complete a total of twenty (20) classes and learn what is needed to qualify to test for a yellow belt. After that you can continue on your with a contract with Lee's Korean Martial-arts. You are not obligated to join at your expense at any time during your employment and the all the initial training and training uniform (Dobak) are provided. You will have to pay the test fee should you choose to test.

Hapkido can be studied by many shapes sizes, ages and physical conditions. Your ability to meet the reasonable physical demands of security work, such as walking long distances and or being on one's feet for hours at a time, are more than enough for Hapkido lessons. However, necessary accommodations can be made for employees unable to physically participate in classes. You will still learn some knowledge about Hapkido and class protocols and so forth.

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