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Online Security Training



Top Security Agency's online training feature is a powerful and effective training tool. The image below is a screenshot of the online training feature mainpage and it is followed by instructions for getting started.

How to get started using the online training feature:




Click the "Sign up" link in the navigation bar. It is the first link under the logo. Fill out the form with your information, read the terms and check the terms agreement box and submit your completed form. You will then be logged in to your newly created account. The feature will look the same except that in the upper right corner it will show two additional links and "Log off" intead of "Log in". Also when you are logged in to your account the first link in the navigation bar will show "My Profile" instead of "Sign up". Of course, if you have already registered you only need to click the "Log in" link in the upper right corner.

View course description:

Once you have registered for the online training feature and are logged in to your account you can access information about available courses. To access an available course click the second link "Available courses" in the navigation bar. A list of the categories and courses will show on the left side of the screen. Some courses with images and information about them will show in the center of the page and you can display more by clicking the next page. Read the course description of a desired course by clicking the course name. You can click the course name in the category list on the left or from the center area.

Pay for the course:

After you have read the course description and you are ready to take the course click the "add to cart" link for the course. You will see the course information, cost and a button to click to pay for the course in the shopping cart. Click the "Shopping cart" link in the upper right corner area to view your shopping cart information. Review the information and when you are ready to pay click the payment button. All transactions are handled through Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account and you can use any major credit or debit card. After you have paid for the course you will have immediate access to it.

Start learning:

Take the course! You can click on a course you paid for in the category list on the left or wherever you see it displayed in the online training feature when you are logged in to your account. You should start with the demo course as it will provide more details and explain how to go through a course.